IMC Annual Report 2018 - Page 10

The Supervisory Board proposes to the shareholders to adopt
the 2018 financial accounts and the dividend proposal.
It is the Supervisory Board’s
The Supervisory Board addressed
Committee. Regarding regulatory
The Assurance Committee’s strong
Assessment and Internal Capital
decade. The Management and the
statutory responsibility to supervise
a variety of topics in its meetings
developments, the Supervisory
focus is on the control functions
Adequacy Assessment, as well
Supervisory Boards would like to
the Management Board and to
with the Management Board.
Board endorses the Management
of the IMC organisation and the
as legal topics, pending litigation,
thank Mr. Kuiper for his dedication
provide it with its counsel. In
These included, but were not
Board’s position, particularly
adequate functioning of the second
inspections and investigations by
to IMC, his wisdom and guidance.
accordance with a fixed meeting
limited to, the firm’s financial
as it relates to the question of
and third line of defence (“checks
regulators and relevant regulatory
schedule, the Supervisory Board
performance and trading strategies,
and balances”). Standard items
and legislative developments.
met with the Management Board
its risk profile and compliance,
The Supervisory Board would like
to acknowledge the continuing
on the agenda of the Assurance
on five occasions during the year.
risk and control framework,
The Assurance Committee met four
The meetings were held at the
information security and business
times in 2018. All members of the
developments, regulatory capital
stepped down as a Supervisory
and the leadership of its
firm’s office in Amsterdam. All
continuity, human resources, in
Supervisory Board are members of
requirements and reporting to
Director. Mr. Kuiper was a
Management Board.
members of both Boards attended
particular succession planning
the Assurance Committee, which
the Dutch Central Bank, and the
member of the Supervisory
all meetings with the exception of
and remuneration, and advocacy
meets with the internal and external
management letter, board report
Board since 1 February 2009
one Supervisory Board member
and regulatory developments. The
auditors, Finance & Control, Risk
and audit plan issued by the
and Chairman of the Board from
and one Management Board
Supervisory Board elaborated on
& Compliance and Group Legal.
external auditors. The Assurance
1 May 2009 until 11 July 2018, at
member who were absent with
the firm’s strategic plan during
David Cole is Chairman of the
Committee also discussed the
which date he was succeeded
notice during the meeting on
several meetings. The Supervisory
Assurance Committee.
annual internal audit plan, findings
by David Cole as Chairman.
2 February 2018, and another
Board also assessed its own
and recommendations of internal
Mr Kuiper played an important
Supervisory Board member who
performance, the performance
audits, Risk & Compliance reports,
role in the firm’s steady growth
was absent with notice during the
of its individual members, and
the annual Global Risk Control Self-
and success over almost a
meeting on 10 December 2018.
the functioning of the Assurance
Committee’s meetings are financial
At the end of 2018, Joost Kuiper
contribution of IMC’s employees
Amsterdam, March 14, 2019
Supervisory Board
David Cole, Chairman
Victor de Serière
Robert Reibestein
IMC Annual Report 2018


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