IMC Annual Report 2018 - Page 15

IMC’s governance comprises
The firm is aware that gender
a two-tier board: IMC’s
diversity is below the goals as
Management Board determines
set out in article 2:276 section
the firm’s strategy and oversees
1 of the Dutch Civil Code, and
its implementation; IMC’s
will pay close attention to that
Supervisory Board has the
in the process of recruiting and
statutory responsibility to supervise
appointing new Management and
and provide counsel to the
Supervisory Board members.
Management Board. IMC B.V.
qualifies as a financial holding
IMC’s Supervisory Board
under the Dutch Act on Financial
comprises members who are
Supervision. The Dutch Central
well-qualified to perform the
Bank is IMC’s prudential supervisor.
functions of supervising the
activities of the Management
In its consideration of the
Board and providing that Board
composition of its Management
with its counsel. Membership
and Supervisory Boards, IMC
of the Supervisory Board is
takes into account all relevant
determined in accordance with an
factors and excludes none, not
internal schedule of resignation.
least the availability of suitable
candidates, the structure of the
Each member of the Supervisory
two Boards and the need to
and Management Boards is
ensure continuity in the business.
appointed with the approval of
the Dutch Central Bank.
The size and composition of both
the Management and Supervisory
IMC’s financial results for 2018
Boards and their combined
are presented in accordance with
experience and expertise reflect
International Financial Reporting
the best fit for the profile and
Standards (IFRS). IMC’s financial
strategy of the firm. IMC operates
statements have been audited
an employment policy that is
by PWC and will be filed with the
gender neutral. Currently all
Trade Register of the Chamber
members of the Management
of Commerce in Amsterdam,
and Supervisory Boards are male.
the Netherlands.
IMC Annual Report 2018


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