IMC Annual Report 2018 - Page 27

In 2018 IMC outgrew its
The problem was that where we
them have a generator and UPS
Amsterdam home and relocated
now have the dealing room, there
(uninterruptible power supply) to
to new offices within the city’s
was an indoor garden. I said: ‘We
make sure that even if one goes
business district. Although
could ask the landlord to remove
down completely, the other one
barely a kilometre from IMC’s
the indoor garden and put a roof
will take over. We’ve done that
former home, the move to a
on, and that would create what we
for all our critical infrastructure.
new office was a giant logistical
want: a very big trading floor’. They
We also depend on cooling for
and technical challenge that
thought I’d lost my mind.
our main equipment room, and
demanded teamwork, tenacity
for the dealing room desks.
“With all these projects, preparation
The main equipment room is
is where you win the battle. A big
critical so we have two chillers,
Robin, Head of Facilities in
challenge was connectivity to the
and for connectivity we have
Amsterdam: “We’re growing fast,
datacenters. We worked together
multiple fibers. We don’t depend
so the new office had to be 20%
as three teams across the firm.
on one fiber from here to the
bigger to accommodate that.
At one point, we were running
datacenter, but for everything we
Infinity had a lot of potential, but
in two different locations
have at least two. If one cable is
not everyone was convinced that
simultaneously. A month before
cut, another one will take over
it was the building for us. The
we moved, we used the new
without interruption; if one power
most important thing we do is
infrastructure here to trade from the
feed goes down, the same will
trade. So, at the top of my wish
old office. That gave the team the
happen; if one chiller goes down,
list was a dealing room – which
opportunity to test connectivity.
the other will take over. That
is the heart of the firm - at the
It worked. That was a milestone.
redundancy means we have a
and creativity.
centre of the office, with all the
backup. Even for each backup
support teams sitting around it, a
“Around 40% of the total
bit like in a sports hall. You have
investment is in technical
the playing field in the middle and
infrastructure. That’s a substantial
“I was given a lot of
people sitting and watching the
amount of money. And the
responsibility and freedom
game. We wanted to be able to
entire technical infrastructure is
with the look and feel, and
see each other. So if someone
redundant: that means that for all
the design of the technical
is working on a trading-related
the critical infrastructure, we have
infrastructure. I’m delighted with
legal document, when they look
a backup, with the same capacity
the result but it’s not a project
down or step outside their office,
and the same setup. To give you an
you’d want to do every year!”
they look into the dealing room
idea: we rely on electricity, so we
and see what they’re doing it for.
have two power feeds and both of
system, we have a backup.”
IMC Annual Report 2018


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