IMC Annual Report 2018 - Page 29

Technology adds a huge amount of value at IMC.
Indeed, the firm is as much a technology firm
as a trading house. It is continually developing
and innovating to improve productivity and
performance for both traders and developers.
“When I started in this business
same time, as the number of
I had a screen and a list of the
traders using its systems has
trades happening in the market,
increased, IMC recognised that
the trades I did, and the prices
‘usability’ had become a lot
in the market, and I looked for
more important. So, as the firm
patterns to tell the true value
grows, it is focused on making
of an option.” Tim, Trading
the job of traders easier. That
Lead, Sydney, chuckles when
means they can focus on things
recalling how things used to be.
that directly add value.
“I incorporated that information
in my head to see ‘this is being
Alongside that, IMC
offered here, this is being offered
encourages its people to learn
there, this person just sold’,
new technologies and uses
and so on, and I had to make
open source tools as much as
a decision about how all that
possible, contributing changes
information processes into a set of
back into the open source
volatilities. So I needed to ‘pattern
community. Experienced
match’ all that stuff and try to find
new hires joining IMC from
what that means and what that
other firms make important
will mean in the future; I need to
contributions by identifying
somewhat predict what the value
areas of IMC’s systems that
of that option is going to be in
take longer to learn and
my given time horizon. Then we
therefore can be improved.
came up with a way to do this
automatically, with a computer.”
Technology has come a long
way. But greater complexity can
handicap performance. At the
IMC Annual Report 2018


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