IMC Annual Report 2018 - Page 31

Thomas, who joined IMC a
tomorrow, it has to happen right
decade ago from the dealing
now. A trading house needs
room of a major Dutch bank and
automation in the way that it
is now Trading Lead, is in a good
makes the job of a trader more
position to assess developments.
efficient, freeing more time for
“I joined just after 2008 and the
analysis because less time is
financial crisis, and it was at the
needed for manual tasks. And it
time that IMC started to transition
needs technology. For example,
from an older-style manual firm to
when I started here we were
automation,” he recalls. “What’s
talking in milliseconds, now it’s
developed most in those ten years?
nanoseconds. The main reason
Automation and technology.
why nanosecond latency is so
I realised that if you want to be in
important is that there are always
the game it’s not with an investment
multiple parties competing for a
bank but with a proprietary trading
trade, and the way exchanges
house. It’s a fast-paced environment
resolve this competition is by
and it requires that you adapt
awarding the trade to the party
quickly to changing circumstances.
that is there first. Back then we
I noticed at a bank that if you have
were using more third-party
a new software system it takes you
software, now everything is
a couple of weeks before you filled
proprietary. So that gives more
all the tickets and things get done.
flexibility. And then there’s the
I realised you cannot wait that long;
culture: there’s a big emphasis
you need to jump on an opportunity.
here on learning; you are
encouraged to become better,
“The stories I heard from friends
to increase your skillset. That
who were working at IMC were
makes you more productive.”
that, if you have an idea or need
to get something done, there is no
IMC Annual Report 2018


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