IMC Annual Report 2018 - Page 43

Recruitment starts with an online
to know each other. So, you really
aptitude test, a sort of classical
start off with a strong network. That
IQ test. There follow more tests
approach absolutely has value.”
and then a first-round interview,
where the focus is on motivation,
Jeroen, Recruitment Lead,
personality and cultural fit. From
expands: “Cooperation, teamwork,
then on the process becomes more
no hierarchy, no red tape - all
technical with coding questions,
that together defines our culture,
brainteasers and quantitative
and that’s also what we look for
riddles. Candidates who pass that
in candidates. The cultural fit is
stage are invited for a final round
as important as the technical
comprising a full-day of interviews,
fit. Of course, we look for smart
case studies and simulations.
people, but smart people only get
Throughout the process, the
you so far. There are a couple of
emphasis is two-way, with IMC
personality traits that we look for
equally keen to get to know and
that, together with being clever,
understand the candidate.
make you successful at IMC: being
self-reflective and being self-
“We make a huge investment in a
critical. We test for a high degree
very intense onboarding program
of pragmatism. When you tackle a
for new graduate hires,” Robert,
difficult brainteaser, we don’t care
Global Head of Human Resources,
so much about the outcome; we
explains. “We ask of them to work
want you to take us along in your
really hard, but we treat them really
reasoning, how do you get to your
well. The fact that we do it globally
answer, what questions you asked,
is a big plus. A lot of people fly all
how you reacted to input and
around the world. They get one big,
feedback. We find that way more
onboarding experience including
important than whether you got
a very intense training by our best
the answer right.”
people. They live together, they
do fun stuff together, they build
a cohort. They get to know a lot
of senior people, because those
people teach them. And they get
IMC Annual Report 2018


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