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IMC’s culture sets it apart. But what is it that makes the difference?
Those who left to later rejoin are in a good place to judge.
The curiosity and creativity that
IMC has a vision and it invests
By leveraging across the organisation,
underpins IMC is a theme picked
heavily in that. We’ve an open
IMC is able to channel experience
up by Richard, who leads the
culture and no hierarchy. If you’ve
into improvement. That is vital to the
Hong Kong office. He left IMC in
got good ideas, people will listen.”
firm’s success, says Bart. “At some
2017 but rejoined less than a year
firms, you’re actively discouraged
later. “We want to make things
IMC’s open culture promotes
from interacting with anyone who isn’t
better, to challenge the status quo.
and encourages teamwork.
your direct co-worker. That is highly
When I joined in 2012 I wasn’t
There are no silos or barriers,
toxic. But here, an environment where
I can perform and do my job gives
Bart joined IMC for the first time in
projects,” he says. “We’ve gotten
I improved my skills which is
used to that. Junior traders would
either within or between
November 2006, having studied
much better at giving people the
great for me, and means IMC
come up to me and challenge me.
offices. Instead, there is a huge
me energy. It doesn’t drain me. The
physics at Eindhoven University.
room to innovate and get new
got a more productive employee.
They were curious about what
amount of communication. That
total package of how much you enjoy
He was hired as a quantitative
strategies rolling. We’re committed
Obviously there’s pressure, but
I was doing, and why. My first
means interesting innovations
work, the environment, the fabulous
researcher, designing and building
to giving people the chance to grow
you are encouraged and given
reaction was to say ‘mind your
are shared, while things that
office, the great food, the highly
the algorithms that drive IMC’s
the business. That means you’re
room to explore. That means we’re
own business’ but then I noticed
might not work so well quickly
motivated co-workers, all those
systems. In 2014, he left to join
really allowed to try things. And you
actually growing and innovating.
that I was doing that too, asking
become lessons learned for
things are very important.”
another firm. IMC kept in touch and
get the time to do things properly.
We know more about something
‘why did this happen?’ or ‘how do
the entire firm.
in May 2018 he rejoined as a trader.
You’re not judged. People trust
today than we did a year ago, so
we make this better?’
you to do your best, understanding
if we implement things we make
“What struck me on returning,
that it might take a while. I was
markets more efficient, which
is IMC’s willingness to make
given the resources to learn a
ultimately benefits everyone.”
significant commitments to big
new programming language so
IMC Annual Report 2018


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