IMC Annual Report 2018 - Page 49

Room to Read, a literacy project for African children,
remains the focus of IMC’s global charitable effort
through its charitable foundations. Now in its third
year, what impact is it having?
Each year IMC’s employees
capital of Tanzania, to meet
voluntarily give their time and
the children and their parents,
energy to dozens of charities. In
and teachers and government
2018, almost 300 organisations
representatives, and to see
benefited as more than €5.4m was
first-hand the positive impact
donated by IMC and its people.
their donation is having.
For three years the global focus
Ingrid, paralegal, Amsterdam:
of IMC’s philanthropic efforts
“It had a big impact, seeing the
has been Room to Read, a child
children, hearing their stories
literacy project in Africa. Each
about how they love the books.
year the entire proceeds of a
One girl she told me that every
single day’s trading are donated
time she takes the book home,
to support the organisation’s
she reads it herself, uses it to
work building libraries, training
teach her parents how to read
teachers and publishing books
and reads a bedtime story to
for children. In July a team
her little brother.”
from IMC - traders, developers
and support staff - visited four
schools around Dar es Salaam,
IMC Annual Report 2018


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