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A favourable market environment, with greater volatility the result of
factors including central bank policy and (geo)political tensions, together
with IMC’s consistent commitment to invest over the long-term in people,
systems and strategies, laid the foundation for a record year for trading
revenues and profitability. As we enter our 30th year, our focus remains
to continue growing while prudently managing the business.
IMC provides liquidity on more than
data and algorithms. At the same
a key differentiating factor for
We maintain a prudent capital
to be creative and to challenge
us. Our success in establishing
level and have a robust risk
the status quo. Our performance
relationships with direct
management framework
and results in the year were
counterparties is a case in point.
embedded at every level of the
again testament to their energy,
As a firm we provide liquidity and
organisation. We established
enthusiasm, talent and teamwork.
accurate pricing in multiple assets
a working group dedicated to
and trade sizes, and the long-term
ensuring IMC is adequately
Tragically, David Haldemann, who
commitment fundamental to a
prepared for Brexit. We have
was a member of our Amsterdam
trusted trading relationship.
made preparations for every
risk and compliance team, passed
scenario, including that in which
away early in 2018 after a short
As IMC employs more traders
the United Kingdom leaves the
illness. David was a talented,
we continue to seek to improve
EU without a deal. We have
dedicated and popular colleague
the usability of our systems and
taken measures to safeguard
who contributed much to IMC. He
software, simplifying and sharing to
the contingency of the trading
is greatly missed by all of us at IMC.
improve productivity. By providing
businesses we conduct
our people with the tools to be
at UK exchanges and other
even more effective we expect to
trading venues.
improve still further our productivity
and performance as a business.
sizeable increases in headcount in
confident we have the talent and
Market makers enhance market
the coming years. However growth
tools at IMC to capture the many
We believe this focused, disciplined
efficiency. But regulation too plays
requires careful management
opportunities we see in the market
if it is not to place strains on an
and which we believe will sustain
our growth as a firm.
time, we are making strong gains
approach supports numerous
facilitates the transfer of risk and
in complementary strategies built
growth opportunities. To that end,
The regulatory environment
organisation. We recognise our
during the year the Management
remains challenging and was
culture is a cornerstone of our
Board invested considerable time in
therefore a focus of much
strategy and a key competitive
a careful and thorough assessment
attention during the year. We
strength. Therefore, we continue
to invest heavily in our recruitment
our global footprint reinforces
steps we took and the strategies
we identified in 2018. We are
100 trading venues and thereby
around volatility and valuation.
strong position to capitalise on the
We are in growth mode and plan
an important role in that regard.
enhances market efficiency. While
As we enter 2019, we are in a
our ability to do that, we believe
All regions were profitable. While
that our willingness to share and
options trading continues to deliver
of the market landscape and
closely monitor developments and
collaborate between our offices
the majority of our revenues,
external environment. From that
actively engage in dialogue with
and onboarding processes,
in Chicago, Amsterdam, Sydney,
valuable contributions are also
analysis, strategies were defined
policy-makers and regulators, for
and in career and leadership
Hong Kong, Shanghai and New
made by Delta One strategies,
and plans developed to capitalise
example around remuneration.
development, to not only reach
York is equally important.
especially in the US, and our
over the next couple of years on the
IMC is privately-owned and has
the most interesting and capable
activities with direct counterparties,
growth opportunities we identified.
no customers. It trades on its risk
candidates but to set them up for
and for its own account, with its
success in their careers with IMC.
We remain focused on, and
including our European ETF
continue to believe in, the
business. In new markets, our
While automation remains critical
own capital. It is our conviction
importance of technology for
success owed much to our ability
to IMC, human expertise is the
that our existing approach and
Our people are highly professional
the industry and our company in
to leverage scale, skills and
firm’s foundation. We believe the
policy regarding remuneration is
and remain our greatest asset.
particular. We are highly automated
experience, and the quality and
close alignment of technology
essential to our business model,
Everyone who works at IMC is
and trade primarily on the basis of
diligence of our team.
and trading will continue to be
not least to maintain a level playing
given responsibility and encouraged
Amsterdam, March 14, 2019
Management Board
Rob Defares, CEO & Chairman
Johan Benning, CFO
Willem Brinkman, General Counsel
Brian Hitchcock, COO
Arno de Quaasteniet, CTO
field within a global industry.
IMC Annual Report 2018


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